A Ruffle Affair

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Ruffle Affair

I’ve always adored the many outfits of gossip girl, and especially love Blair’s elegant, polished style.  Owning Blair Waldorf’s extravagant closet stuffed with fashion’s finest couture would be my, and every girl's Christmas wish.  However,  a room filled with countless thousand-dollar blouses seems rather infeasible for your average college graduate.  
This shouldn't stop you from looking just as elegant and classy on a daily basis!  Though it is acceptable to splurge once in awhile, you don't need an unlimited American Express centurion to look and feel great.  When I'm free, I look for similar styles that are just as fun and flattering.  Jot down some ideas from your fashion muses, add your own personality, and become a fashion inspiration for others! Here’s my take on Ms. Waldorf’s amazing Bill Blass ensemble along with a fun selection of frills and ruffles!  

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