Fendi 2Jours

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

 I absolutely adore the 2Jours Elite Leather Shopper from Fendi, dubbed by many as the newest ‘it’ bag of the season.  Most iconic Fendi handbags mix classic designs with a modern touch, turning a simple purse into a timeless favorite. Unmistakably “Fendi”, the 2Jours features a sleek, structured shape, with simple, chic, and classy hardware. 
With the perfect texture, color selection, and design, the 2Jours is versatile, unforgettable, and sturdy.  It comes in two different sizes, has a detachable shoulder strap, and a small tag available for monogramming. Because the plain colored leather selection doesn’t fuss with elaborate designs and prints, your customized tag becomes the focal point, giving your purse even more oomph and character.

For myself, with a smaller frame and a sudden urge to diversify my handbag color scheme, I have the smaller 2Jours in a deep maroon red with ‘NC’ engraved in gold.  It was the perfect red for me—subtle enough to complement my wardrobe, yet, loud enough to make a statement.  Great for work, play, and travel, my 2Jours accompanies me everywhere, from the supermarket to dinners, and even to the airport.  You can tote this bag around without worrying, because compared to the fragile lambskin on Chanel’s classic CC handbags, the leather on the 2Jours is pretty scratch resistant.  Over all, the 2Jours will give casual outfits a hint of elegance, and formal ensembles a touch of sophistication.  

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