Fabulous Fall

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Life’s most memorable moments are usually the ones that sweep you off your feet with spontaneous surprises.  
DVF Blouse, Necklace by Nicole Chau, BCBG Skirt, Celine handbag, Giuseppe Zanotti Pumps
I spent the past three weeks vacationing in Hawaii, my hometown, an island blanketed under spring’s illusion.  Wanting to share the sunshine with everyone, I urged my younger sister, Shanon, for a photo shoot.  During the shoot, we fell into a silent spell, both focused on getting great shots and finding fun backgrounds. 
Upon spotting a hammock, I broke the silence, happily skipped over in my 4 in stilettos, plucked myself off the sand, and plopped onto the neat netting.  Prepped with her camera, Shanon asked me to scoot back a little more, and before the shutter’s snap, the rather unstable hammock spun 180 degrees, literally sweeping me off my feet and onto the sand.  Shanon and I burst into tears and laughter turning a potentially painful fall into one of my favorite snapshots of my Hawaii vacation. 

A couple of epiphanies hit me after my fabulous fall: 

1.  A younger sister was the best gift my parents gave me.  No matter how much we bicker, she’s my constant, my best friend, and the one who never ceases to pull me up after a fall. 

2. The most precious moments aren’t the ones where you spend the most money, or the most time planning, but the ones that catch you off guard. 

3. We fall hundreds of times throughout life.  If we pick ourselves up, dust off the dirt, and laugh a little, we will spend more time smiling and less complaining. 

Turn your fall into something memorable this year~  a fun story to share, remember, and treasure! 

Hope everyne’s having a fabulous week!    


  1. I found you on Lookbook and have been really enjoying your blog.. You have such an elegant and classic style!

    If possible, could you please write a blog post about how you take care of your shoes? I find it difficult to keep my shoes in good condition. Thanks!

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for reading and following!

    I'll be sure to include a post on shoe care next week!


  3. Nicole!! You should get the same camera as Shanon!! It takes great pictures!! hehe~~ You look gorgeous as always!! I really enjoy reading your blog!! :)

    Kyoka <3

  4. Thanks Kyoka! I know, I should! She has a good camera, but she's also a great photographer! :p Thanks for reading Kyoka <3

    See you soon!


  5. This article was fun! The hammock pictures were cute and yes, pick yourself back up! <3


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