Eyebrows 101

Monday, February 25, 2013

Since eyes are the windows to your soul, it’s only appropriate to spend more time on finding the perfect frames!  Though often overlooked, eyebrows are the focal points of our face.  The right brows can enhance our facial features, lift, and even slim our faces.  I met up with my friend Monica for some tips on how to get the perfect brows!  Here’s a post on how to shape, fill in, and elongate your brows. 

1.     Prep your brows
Comb out brows with a spooly brush
2.     Map out brows
Following the guide above, map out where your brows start, arch, and end
3.     Fill in brows
Using Sephora’s Angled Brush, connect the three pre mapped points with short feathery strokes.  Apply in the direction of hair growth.  Avoid drawing one solid line, instead, simply fill in sparse areas. 
4.     Set Brows
Use Anastasia Brow Gel to set, define, and hold brows in place
5.     Highlight
Apply High Brow under your brow to hide smaller hairs in between waxes, lift, and add arch appeal 

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