Fendi Peekaboo

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I almost never purchase handbags on a whim.  After spotting something I like, I let myself yearn over it for a while, draft out a list of pros and cons, and do a little research to justify my purchase before running off to the store.  If you know me personally, you’ll know it takes me awhile to make decisions, but when it comes to handbags and fashion, I’m always decisive about what I want and like. 

I’ve coveted over Fendi’s Peek a boo after seeing it fresh off the runway, but delayed my purchase in hopes of finding the perfect color, size, and interior combination.  The wait was well worth it, because as my mom and I shopped in Hawaii, we found the “peekaboo” of my dreams sitting on the shelf.  The bag combined a timeless, transitional design with couture finishes.  It was beautifully crafted with a soft calfskin exterior, and a smooth water snake interior.  I loved the hint of hidden luxury inside, and would sometimes inadvertently open the side of my bag to let the metallic skin peep out. 

Everything with regards to the peekaboo says fashionable, sophisticated, and simply gorgeous!  Though fashionable things are not always practical, my peekaboo tote is just as functional as it is stylish.  Aside from the gorgeous design, the bag’s flaps easily open and shut, allowing easy access, it has four protective metal feet to provide a stable base and prevent scratches, and for women who always have their hands full—a shoulder strap for convenience. 

Fendi is impeccable when it comes to meshing creativity with superior craftsmanship.  Now you can customize your bag, selecting from an array of 37 different colors, an assortment of linings,  and even engrave your name.  I love how each bag has a characteristic look while maintaining it’s simple, feminine character! 


  1. i love that picture! where did you take it?

    1. Hi Vivi! I took it in the Mandarin Kahala Hotel in Hawaii!


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