Colored Jeans

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Photographed by: Deasy S. 
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Last week, my mom surprised me with a visit from Hawaii! Aside from catching up, celebrating, and dining at her favorite LA restaurants, we bonded over a mini shopping spree this past Sunday before her early Monday flight. 

When shopping, I usually, hop from store to store, immediately heading towards the dress and blouse section, but per my style resolutions this spring, I’ve decided to freshen things up a bit, and diversify wardrobe assortment.  I already have a rainbow of colorful blouses hanging in my closet.  In fact, enough to last me through the entire spring season, but my section for bottoms, composed of mainly greys, blacks, and plain navy denim, seem bland.  Attempting to brighten my collection of bottoms, my mom and I spent the afternoon shopping for colored jeans. 
We found these skinny jeans at Zara, and immediately fell in love with the light lavender pink hue.  The color wasn’t too overpowering, made me feel like such a lady, and adds the perfect dose of understated elegance.  I paired it with a simple white silk blouse, a skinny belt for some structure, accessorized with a shimmery statement necklace, and slipped into my new Valentino pumps, my most recent gift from mom.  
As humans, we always find comfort in habits and routines.  Even when shopping, I’ll unconsciously find myself reaching for the same items, filling my closet with similar fabrics, color palettes, and textures.  This season, you should work on diversifying your wardrobe collection!  Shop strategically by investing time and money into items you lack.  I, like Carrie Bradshaw, “like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet” but this doesn’t mean I’ll waste money purchasing similar items!  

Blouse >> Zara
Jeans >> Zara
Heels >> Valentino
Handbag>> Fendi

Thanks for reading!  


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  2. You bought yourself another Fendi bag. Love it.

    1. Thanks Sassy! :) I love Fendi! How have you been?


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