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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Growing up on a tiny island, I’m not accustomed to venturing off on road trips, but I’ve recently started exploring neighboring cities a bit more. 

A month ago, I headed to San Diego for the long Labor Day weekend, and was amazed by the scenery, architecture, and culture.  Though less than two hours away, the city drastically differed from Los Angeles.  The fresh air, cool breeze, and sunshine are reasons alone to throw on a comfy/casual outfit.  Since I’m traveling and unable to lug my entire closet with me, I made some compromises…

I swapped out my linen blouse for a vintage lace tank—a well documented favorite of mine, traded in my skinny jeans for waist high billowy trousers, and accessorized with a printed silk scarf.  The color palette, perfect for fall, and the light, (low-maintenance) fabrics and lose silhouettes, ideal for traveling.  I comfortably explored all San Diego had to offer in my travel friendly, resort-like ensemble.    


  1. i love this outfit!!! super stylish and comfy! where is the scarf from?


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