Silk By the Sea

Sunday, May 1, 2016

This weekend, I partnered up with talented photographer, and longtime friend, Jansen Teo for a photoshoot at Matador beach in Malibu.

Spending most of my childhood in Hawaii, I have a strong affinity towards the ocean, and loved the familiar feeling of letting soft cool sand seep between my toes.  At sunset, the sky blended in with the blues in the sea, the air was crisp, and salty waters glistened with silent solitude.  While posing for a few shots, I watched the waves crash and retreat into darkness, and felt overwhelmed with a feeling of nostalgia for satisfaction in simplicity.     

Keeping things clean and minimalistic, I wore a backless silk gown from my LBD collection featuring a gorgeous asymmetrical hemline, and sheer neckline detail. 

Satisfied with the countless shots taken throughout the afternoon, we left the beach town glittering with quietly lit mansions and made our way back to the city. 

Photographed by:  Jansen Teo


  1. What bracelets are u wearing?

    1. Hi, thank you for following! I'm wearing Hermes bracelets. The leather bracelet is the : Kelly Double Tour and can be found here: The other is the classic H bracelet : Hope this helps and happy shopping!


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