Lady Dior

Friday, January 6, 2017

Christian Dior’s Lady Dior is one of the most iconic, feminine, and recognizable handbags of the century and deserves a space in every fashionistas closet.  With its elegant design, detailed stitching, and structured silhouette…  It’s truly a bag fit for a princess.  Lady Dior has graced the arms of modern royalty and countless celebrities alike from its launch in ’94 until today.  

As Princess Diana’s favorite purse, the bag was crowned/re-named “Lady Dior” and from then on experienced unparalleled success.  It goes down in bag history (at least in my book), as one of fashions most renowned and elegant pieces of accessory. 

Like Chanel’s classic flap bag, the Lady Dior is essentially timeless, but with each passing year, has more to offer its customers.  It’s now available in 4 different sizes ranging from Micro till Large, launched in all colors of the rainbow and more, and comes in everything from classic leather, extravagant exotics, to seasonal hits like sequins, tweed, and beads to name a few… 

The classic bags feature Dior’s signature “cannage” stitching, a smooth, sturdy arched handle, and a “D.i.o.r” jewelry charm offered most traditionally in gold and silver.  Each masterpiece is handcrafted, and takes nearly 8 hours to complete- so you are, essentially purchasing a piece of art! 

With such a selection of sizes, leather, and hardware to choose from, which will you get?  Please refer to below as a quick reference.  Enjoy!

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