Cozy Comfort

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It’s finally starting to feel like fall in LA.  The cooler weather prompts me to trade in my cocktail dresses and light blouses for something more comfortable. 
This past evening, I pulled on some velvet tights, paired it with a white blouse, threw on a cobalt blue jacket, and decided dine at The Fat Cow, Gordon Ramsay's new pub-like restaurant.  Compared to his signature menus with meticulously prepared dishes, clean plating, and attentive service, the Fat Cow at the Grove was less prissy, and presented more of a hearty, satisfying meal~ something I categorize as American comfort food.  I sat there enjoying a slow roasted long rib beside a dancing fountain, dimly lit by a vintage like theater in the background.  Though the food wasn’t anything spectacular, it felt pretty peaceful.

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