French Affair

Monday, October 29, 2012

I have a weakness for fine food because I always get an unforgettable experience without ever needing to travel very far...

When you step into a restaurant, you slip into a different culture.  Upon entering, you leave everything you're accustomed to behind, letting the new atmosphere stimulate all five senses, through sight, smell, sound, touch, & taste.

Sometimes you simply feel like trading loud, fast paced, super-sized America, for something more refined, rich, romantic, relaxed, or "French".

Traveling to Paris each time you have an urge to escape seems infeasible for the vast majority of us, but thankfully, the Living Room at the Peninsula highlights the best of France!  It's a fairy-tale come true with its French-Victorian interiors, grand elaborate decor, fine china, live harpist playing classical pieces background, and flawless service.  Unlike many flamboyant restaurants in west LA, the Living Room is quietly tucked away.  You’ll instantly feel the hustle and bustle of LA vanish as you choose from their wealth of exotic teas, delightful desserts, fluffy scones, and elegant finger sandwiches.  Eating won’t be a timed task, but rather, a memorable affair shared between great friends.  

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