Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I took a mini vacation, hopped on a plane to San Francisco, and found myself enjoying a glass of cabernet sauvignon on Opus One's rooftop patio.  Sitting on cold, hard marble, I overlooked the winery, basking under the warm rays and cool breeze of wine country. 
Leaving L.A. work and stress behind, I found myself living in my very own fairytale.  The wine was smooth and warm. Bitter-sweet.  Rich. Dark, and Bold.  I let the breeze kiss my cheeks, and closed my eyes, giddy with butterflies and filled with newfound vivacity.  In my picture perfect memory, I couldn’t imagine a happier moment. I could finally breathe, laugh, and live.  Special moments become memories, but memories become another piece of life’s puzzle.  Pictures capture these fine moments, but we can never recapture the raw emotions felt during that short stitch in time.  Learn to treasure those moments, because once we leave, there’s no going back.  
Ralph Lauren Blazer, oversized BCBG blouse, fun see through bag

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