Sparkle Splitz

Monday, October 22, 2012

As a lacy, frills, and ruffles type of girl, I was naturally drawn to Kate Middleton’s turquoise lace Jenny Packham gown.  I love how the silk chiffon skirt flows with her body, how the sheer lace delicately covers her back, and how the dainty beaded belt wraps around her waist. 
I spent a fair amount of time browsing through designs from this British designer, and am mesmerized with the fine details and soft shimmery fabrics selected.  Each gown has a hint of subtle fragile elegance that frames each figure so well. Jenny Packham's works of art will bedazzle and give you a dose of classy sparkle for the day!

gorgeous one shoulder with a hint of sparkle
sheer lavender blouse and ivory shorts makes a perfect pair 

cute fragile ladylike appeal 


  1. Mee too! She's so elegant! I'm starting to like her more and more these days~


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