Subtle Beauty

Monday, October 22, 2012

During my teenage years, the buzz was always about the girls with the lowest, tightest blouses, shortest skirts, and skimpiest dresses, but as I age, I'm beginning to appreciate the finer things in life.  
My mom always taught me, beauty isn’t defined by showing excess cleavage or skin, rather, its learning how to tastefully present yourself.  Sometimes a hint of skin on your back sends a stronger message than a short backless dress.    This silhouette and dress seemed to perfectly illustrate what my mom’s been teaching me throughout the years. 


  1. aww it's gorgeous.. i've always always loved bare backs that provided just the right amount of view.. i told adi before that my wedding dress was gonna be conservative in front, but then a bareback behind haha aww..

  2. Qin! You would look gorgeous! I always imagined you having a fairytale like wedding with a dreamy dress! :) Lets design our dresses!

  3. (I just learned I could leave comments!) Nicole, I agree! Siqin, yes, you wold look super gorgeous! I don't even know how my wedding dress is gonna be like. Hahaha.

    1. JUSTINE!!! aww i just saw this! and haha that was just a little random imagination on my part :p miss you both!!

  4. Imagine the same dress with covered arms. This would make your back even more precious. Less is more...imagination!


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