Spontaneous Venture

Friday, November 30, 2012

Spontaneity’s something I picked up from my mother.  For the past three weeks, I took an impromptu trip to Beijing and found myself in an entirely different world. My China trip, as ironic as it may sound, was a breath of fresh air.  Traveling heightens my senses--I notice the fine details of restaurants that often go unnoticed, the pungent smells, clashing sounds, and quirky customs.  
There's something novel and artsy around every corner~ whether it be  street vendors selling candied strawberries, aged drawings etched onto the wooden door frames of a traditional "四合院”, couples playing mahjong, or old women weaving colorful chinese jewelry.  Pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I immersed myself in my new surroundings and really explored the city.  The change in environment was refreshing.  Sometimes, when we find ourselves at a dead end, the best cure for a roadblock is doing something spontaneous.  This helps us clear our mind, open our eyes, and start fresh.  

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