Packing Do's and Dont's

Friday, November 30, 2012

Packing for a 2 week vacation is always a task.  Oftentimes, we find ourselves blindly stuffing our entire closet into a large suitcase.  But lugging around a huge suitcase and carryon bag may not be ideal when traveling alone.  As I unpack my overstuffed luggage, I came up with a few packing dos and don’ts:

1.     Don’t over pack
Plan Ahead.  Take note of the number of days you will be traveling.  This allows you to coordinate your outfits ahead of time. 

Tops:  I usually bring 5-6 tops for one week. A plain white or black blouse is a must, because it’s always easy to layer and accessorize.  Avoid bringing silky blouses if you don’t plan on ironing your clothes during the duration of your trip--they wrinkle easily.  Cotton and knits are usually crease resistant.

Dresses:  Pack dresses that easily transition from day to night.  However, I always pack an evening cocktail dress to satisfy my guilty pleasure for fine dining!

Bottoms:  For a week, you list of bottoms should include a pair of dark jeans, leggings, shorts, and a skirt.  Jeans are versatile and go with everything.  

Outerwear:  Stick to neutrals like black or beige~ something that can be worn with everything.  If you’re venturing off to somewhere chilly, 1 coat should suffice (I made the mistake of packing 3 coats).  To save room in your luggage, you can wear the bulky coat onto the plane. 

2.     Accessorize!
Over the years, I've learned that accessories are the key to traveling light!  Its difficult to bring many outfits if all you have is one suitcase, but you can create different outfits using statement jewelry, light scarves, layered bracelets, etc. 

3.     All girls have a weakness for shoes, but 3-4 pairs of shoes is all you really need:
I have an aunt that sets aside an entire suitcase for shoes for her mini vacations, but if you plan on traveling alone, 4 pairs should be more than enough.  Comfortable, chic flats for walking, a pair of nice heels for evening dinners, flip flops for the pool, and a pair of boots if you’re venturing off to somewhere cold.

4.     Handbags! 
1 evening clutch, a small shoulder bag, and a larger travel bag is what I usually bring!  You can save room by stuffing the clutch and small shoulder bag with clothing—this also prevents your bags from getting crushed and deformed. 

The holidays are just around the corner!  Enjoy vacationing!  

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