Rusty Orange

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Photographed by Chris Nguyen

It’s finally starting to feel like fall/winter in LA~ the weather cools down a bit, the days grow shorter, and the sound of winter’s breeze stirring tall unruffled trees echoes through quiet neighborhoods. 
I love bringing a bit of each season into my everyday outfits, whether it be through colors, prints, or textures.  For my mini outing, I kept it simple.  Sticking to the basics, I paired a classic white scoop neck silk blouse with amber colored pants and a light chiffon scarf.  Crisp, clean yet fluid, the outfit matched fall’s palette and complemented the pleasant weather.  The outfit wasn’t too fussy, and moved with me, as my scarf caught the breeze and swayed with the wind.  
BCBG Blouse, Etro Scarf, Piazza Sempione trousers, Ferragamo Flats, Chloe Marcie

Surprisingly, many of the pieces from this outfit came from my mothers closet.  The scarf, adorned with intricate designs, was an old favorite of hers, and the waist length amber trousers sat in her closet for years before I rediscovered it.


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