A Peek of What's in My Handbag!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

When I first started carrying handbags in high school, I was a minimalist, having nothing more than my keys, phone, and a wallet.  Now, when you peek into my handbag, you’ll find everything from mascara and lipstick, to Q-tips, nail files, and even a camera.  They say the contents in a girl’s bag speak for itself, revealing a few tidbits about its owner.  I’ve grown up since my minimalist days, and so have the contents in my bag.  Through personal experiences, trial, and error, I’ve compiled a list of handbag essentials.  Looking in my handbag today, you’ll find the basics:

1.     Wallet:  preferably one that functions as both a wallet and a stylish clutch.  When you’re headed off to a last minute dinner, you can always turn your wallet into a clutch, saving you time and energy. 

2.     Sunglasses:  are a must! Not only do they protect your eyes from UV rays as you drive to and from work every morning, but they also protect the sensitive skin around your eye from sun damage and premature wrinkles.

3.     Makeup Pouch: you don’t want your contents swimming around in your purse.  Instead, make it easier on yourself.  Keep all your beauty essentials clean and organized. 

a.     Q-tips:  a quick fix for smudged eyeliner beneath your eye

b.     Bobbi Pins: always saves me from my various hair problems

c.     Nail File: my solution for all broken, chipped, hang nails

d.     Pen:  It’s always better to use your own pens, you know how it writes and you know where it’s been

e.     Lipstick:  Dior—my mom claims that lipstick and mascara works miracles.  It brightens your face, and wakes you up.  I love how this palette has a few colors.  I can pick and choose depending on how I’m feeling

f.      Lip Moisturizer:  Fresh—has the most amazing lip balm.  Nothing looks worse than dry flakey lips~

g.     Mascara:  Maybelline—for those special on the go moments.  I’ve tried tons of mascara over the years, and this over the counter one from Maybelline is one of my favorites

h.    Perfume:  Keep a small bottle of your favorite perfume so you can reapply throughout the day and make your flagrance last

i.      Powder:  Dior—great for quick touch up when you need it.  The powder also has SPF, so it’s a great 2 in 1 fix!

j.      Moisturizer:  ever since I moved to LA, my hands are constantly dry.  Since then, I’ve carried around L’Occitane’s travel sized lotions

4.     Mints:  to keep your breath fresh!  This one in particular has such a cute case.

5.     Camera:  Canon S90—I love this portable digital camera, and carry it with me everywhere

6.     iPhone:  I don’t know what I’d do without my iPhone—it connects me to the world, it’s my mini computer, planner, phone book, GPS, and now with Siri, a new little friend.   

What’s in your handbag?  Please feel free to share! 

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