Wood and Vine

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Photographed By:  Ricardo Galvez
Sorry for my recent disappearance—drowning in piles of work, errands, and short trips, I haven’t had much time to post lately.  It feels great having my day fully scheduled from the minute I wake until bedtime, but it’s always nice setting aside some me time for reflection and relaxation. 
My blog’s been my passion, pride, and escape from all things stressful, and whenever I feel overwhelmed, I simply tuck myself in a corner, and let my day’s worries melt away as I immerse myself in fashion, prose, and art.  I’ve found the perfect balance through blogging, and though I spend most of my time behind my laptop, busily typing away, I always set aside some time to meet with artists, entrepreneurs, and designers with similar passions!  

I’ve collaborated with a number of photographers since starting, and a few weekends ago, I spent a Sunday afternoon at a photo-shoot with Ricardo Galvez—a talented, creative, driven, self-taught photographer who’s recently been published in Vogue Italia! Ricardo came prepared with locations for the shoot, themes, and poses, and was just as excited about fashion as I was.  We spent an entire afternoon exploring the nooks and crannies of downtown LA, and took numerous shots as we brainstormed throughout the day.  One of my favorite shots was an impromptu shoot in a small alleyway covered with vines.  Ricardo had me twirl around a few times as he played with lighting, poses, and angles.  I loved how the photos came out.  The colors melded together perfectly, and the photos had somewhat of a rustic feel.    

It was such a pleasure and honor working with Ricardo!  He brings so much energy to the photoshoot, gives a different perspective, and has a collection of photos that really captures every emotion at that moment.  You can find his work at Ricardo Galvez Photography.  I look forward to many more collaborations in the future!


  1. Hi Nicole, is that a Ferragamo clutch?

    1. Hi BMB! It's a clutch from BCBG :) I LOVE it.. It holds more than you think it would without looking bulky, and changes between black and gold. Thanks for reading and following!



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