Little White Dress

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

With summer here, it’s time to trade in your little black dress for a little white dress.  I’m a silk and frills type of girl, and couldn’t help but purchase this light summery dress the moment I saw it hanging on the racks.  
This silky tiered dress with dainty details has been my go to look throughout summer, and gets more mileage than any outfit in my closet—it’s comfortable, flattering, fits my frame well, and simple—leaving room for accessories and such. 

Brown and gold against a crisp white never ceases to add an air of sophistication and elegance to an outfit, and pairs beautifully with my LWD.  For Sunday brunch, I kept things clean and streamlined with a handmade hammered gold cuff from my collection, and a fun statement ring.  Looking more for comfort, I slipped into my ballet flats, and completed the outfit with one of my favorite bags—Chloe's Marcie! 

Sunglasses >> Chanel
White Silk Dress >> BCBG
Cuff >>  Personal Design
Flats >> Ferragamo
Handbag>> Chloe Marcie


  1. Hi Nicole, I like your sunglasses and your Chloe bag. But isn't too heavy for the summer?

    1. Hey Alex! Thank you! The bag is a bit heavy, but I love carrying camel colored bags during the summer!


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