Five Essential Shoes for Every Girl

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It’s every girl’s dream to have a closet like Carrie Bradshaw's, but as tempting as it is to stockpile your closet with outrageously sparkly, colorful, sky high, statement heels, it’s not very practical.  Inspired by shows like Sex in the City, and celebrity closets, most women, myself included, have a tendency to purchase more pairs of shoes than what we actually need.  My collection runs from worn down ballet flats, to brand new, elaborate sky high stilettos.  Some shoes get more mileage than others, but there are irrefutably a few staples every woman should own—shoes that complement almost every piece in your wardrobe, and withstand time despite ever changing fashion trends.    

Black Pumps—You can never go wrong with a classic pair of black pumps.  The equivalent of a little black dress, black pumps will take you from the office to dinner then back again.  They’re versatile, simple, and chic.  Whether  its plain leather, suede, or patent; be sure you invest in a pair of pumps that’s just as comfortable as it is chic.

Nude Peep Toes—Nude heels always make me feel like such a lady.  Moreover, while bold colors and patterns draw attention to your feet, and shorten your leg, nude/neutral colored heels give the illusion of longer, leaner legs.  Light, delicate colors easily blend into the continuity of the leg.  Nothing looks better than nude peep toes paired with an impeccable manicure! 

Ballet Flats—Whether you’re shopping, traveling, or going to a casual afternoon brunch, a cute pair of ballet flats will give your feet a break from your 4 in heels.  With so many options you can choose from these days, find a pair that’s practical and unique. 

Wedge Heels—Wearing 4 inch stilettos everyday can sometimes be daunting and somewhat impractical.  Wedges are the perfect alternative to stilettos and flats—a great marriage of comfy and chic.  This amazing shoe staple gives women just the right amount of height and confidence without breaking your back.

Flip Flops—Yes, Flip Flops!  I was born and raised in Hawaii, and everyone owns multiple pairs of flip-flops.  Though I now live in LA, I still can’t resist splurging on a cute pair of flip-flops.  Sometimes your feet just need a break from heels, wedges, and even flats.  When you’re on the go, simply slip into a pair of chic flip-flops!  

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