Lavender Fields

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Photographed by :  Chris Nguyen

Responding to LA’s recent heat wave, I reached for my lace tank and a bright royal blue skirt for a weekend venture out to the Claremont Lavender Fields with my two friends.  I’ve embraced and recreated the white/blue color combo over the seasons, but this is by far my favorite ensemble…  The lace tank adds just the right amount of detail and texture, while the blue skirt gives the entire outfit a pop of color.

The rows of lavender flowers in the background were the perfect backdrop as my photographer friend, Chris snapped candid’s throughout our weekend venture away from the city!  Though my breezy outfit kept me cool in the scorching summer heat, it was difficult, almost impossible to gracefully frolic through rows of lavender buds swarming with pollinating bees.  


  1. brilliant! may i ask how did you do your twilly in the hair?

    1. Thank you! I used the small hermes scarf and made a double knot :)


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