Chiffon with a hint of Sparkle

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Photographed by: Jansen Teo
Designers across the globe make amazing works of art—delicate dresses, jewels, and display worthy accessories…
However, many times, these pieces are simply too fragile/grand to wear everyday.  Once in a long while, I’ll splurge on items that sit on display in my closet for years collecting dust before finding it’s way to sunlight.  On a whim, I bought this Gatsby-Esque cocktail dress a year ago in hopes of wearing it on a special occasion, and finally had the opportunity to slip into it for a collaborative photo shoot with photographer/friend Jansen Teo. 

Over the weekend, I lugged a suitcase of dresses and accessories to his studio, and spent an entire afternoon snapping different ensembles.  We shot simple portraits against a black backdrop for the first few hours, but decided to create a set with my accessories for our final outfit. 

I saved the best for last, and eagerly changed into my puffy dress with an overall regal/vintage vibe.  The soft pastel hues of grey and blue in combination with layers of fine chiffon carefully pieced together perfectly complemented our garden of accessories.  I completed the outfit with a bejeweled headband as Jansen snapped away.  I guess the wait was worth it~ my dress finally had it’s 15 minutes of fame, and I had the opportunity to work with another talented, creative photographer.  Please take a look at his work at

Have an amazing rest of the week and thank you so much for reading!

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