Embroidered Silk

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Photographed by:  Chris Nguyen
For a day trip to Santa Barbra, I slipped into a LBD with a pop of color and embroidery. 

I usually save my LBD’s for evening affairs, but this one in particular, with bright embroidery and detailed prints was the perfect throw on piece for a sunset stroll on the pier.  With a high neckline and loose fitting silhouette, the dress was the perfect transitional piece into the unofficial beginning of fall…Careful not to get my stilettos stuck in the cracks, I skipped along the wooden planks, letting my dress dance with the wind as I admired the gorgeous Santa Barbra backdrop! 

Fall pieces are usually heavier, and overwhelm people with smaller frames.  So…if you’re petite like me, here’s a few tips for pulling together fall ensembles: 

-Select outfits with finer, more delicate patters—I fell in love with the detailed bird pattern on this Ted Baker Dress! 
-Avoid more structured fabrics that look heavy and bulky.  I’m a fan of chiffon/silk/polyester/light linen because those fabrics complement my body shape more~and are more forgiving when you have a smaller frame
-Go monochromatic:  wearing one color can often lengthen your body
- Slip into pointed heels/stilettos/flats have an elongating effect compared to rounded toed pumps—Christian Louboutin’s Pigalle heels are classic & flirty

-Opt for smaller handbags, since larger/oversized handbags overwhelm you, making your frame even smaller—I’m opted for this Small Givenchy Nightingale

-Lastly, be confident in whatever you wear—because if you feel great, you’re going to look great! 


  1. Hey Nicole!

    What color are your Louboutin pumps? I love the purse and shoe color combo

    1. Thank you Kristen! It's the Pigallie ADA 100mm ~ a burgundy red-ish brown color part of their Nudes Collection! :)


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