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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Classy & refined.  Collected & poised… The French perfected creating a life built around beauty, leisure, and understated elegance. 
Since visiting Paris on a family trip a few years back, I fell in love with the romantic city, their way of life, and yearned to recreate that French essence here in Los Angeles... 

This past Saturday, I ventured off to a quaint french-esque restaurant enveloped in the outskirts of DTLA…

Pushing the door open to Church and State, I found myself rediscovering Europe...  It was a welcomed change to the usual, stuffy, prim and proper Michelin rated, delicately plated French restaurants you’ll find dispersed across LA—one that captured that quintessential casual ‘French mood’.  Dimly lit light bulbs hung from the ceiling and the scent of food, wine, and cocktails wafted through a busy room of chatty diners…  The hostess offered us a table by the window, but it was one of those nights where I preferred to sit outside.  The street was oddly empty, and gave the entire evening an overall peaceful vibe after a whirlwind of a week. 

The menu featured a curated selection of small plates, and with four people, we were able to order most items on the menu.  Below were the highlights of the night:

Escargot De Bourgonge En Crote:
A French Classic, and must have here… The succulent burgundy snails are cooked in a garlic/butter broth, sealed with a thin layer of puff pastry!

Os Moelle
 Bone Marrow has always been a soft spot of mine.  My generous spoonful of marrow melted onto a thin toasted baguette…every bite oozed with buttery richness.  It was so decadent, I shamelessly scraped the remaining bits of marrow onto my plate. 

Tarte I’Oignon
 A crispy savory onion tart that will leave you craving for more after each bite brimming with melted cheese, smoked bacon, and the heavy or in my case, since I’m an onion lover, fragrant smell of garlic and onion.

I embarked on my food venture with a glass of Cabernet, and ended with a cocktail recommended by the Chef.  After dinner, I waltz into the dimly lit streets amongst buildings with a hint of old world glamor, and made my way home feeling nothing but satisfaction…

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