Shades of Green

Sunday, October 19, 2014

In high school, while everyone went through their phase of purchasing Abercrombie and Fitch tops and tanks, I went through a period where I bought every ruffled blouse I could find in all colors possible. 
I’ve since outgrown my high school purchases, but still gravitate towards tops with more dainty details… 

This top in particular strikes the perfect balance—it’s flirty and sophisticated, but classy and transitional.  The ruffles aren’t too overpowering, and I love the higher neckline with oriental buttons.  It is my impulse purchase that turned into a must have staple, and I’ve worn some variation of this outfit over the past few years.  During my days as a financial advisor, the blouse, tucked into a pencil skirt added the right amount of color and character to an otherwise boring business casual ensemble.  For the weekends, throw it over shorts or jeans for an ensemble that’s comfortable with a hint of sophisticated elegance. 

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