Amongst Skyscrapers

Friday, November 14, 2014

Photographed by:  Shanon Chau

When I left for Hawaii, a week ago, LA was still in the midst of summer heat…but now it’s finally starting to feel like winter.  My sleeveless sweater vest, simple cashmere knit, and riding boots helped me transition into cooler temperatures. 

I often reach for more slim fitting pieces—a leather jacket thrown over a simple silk blouse with heels, or a chic trench, but I’ve been embracing cozier fall/winter ensembles as of late.  I’m in love with oversized knits, and when you’re 5’1, finding ‘oversized’ items of any sort is never a scavenger hunt. 

I fell in love with this brown sweater vest that has the potential to go with almost anything.  Since it’s usually warmer throughout the day, and I didn’t want to look “weather confused” ~ walking in 70 degree weather dressed like it’s full on winter, I waited until it cooled down a bit before throwing the vest over my paper thin knit dress and boots after work. 

I drove home just in time to catch a glimpse of LA’s sunset.  Sitting on my apartment’s roof, I had a quick glimpse of natures kiss goodnight!

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