Palm Print Shift

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I practically live in shift dresses when I’m in Hawaii. 
In hot and humid weather, I naturally reach for loose breezy pieces; but rather than settling for a tank top and shorts, I opted for my high slit shift dress.  They’re so easy, and this one in particular features a dreamy, vibrant palm print with detailed doves at the neckline (I’m a sucker when it comes to details, and will practically purchase anything if the print is unique enough).  The entire ensemble looks pulled together and flirty without feeling to fussy. 

I don’t get to visit home as often, but whenever I do, I spend most of my time with family.  I took advantage of the warm beachy breeze, and dragged my dad out for a stroll by our neighborhood beach.  We caught a glimpse of the sun before it disappeared into the sea.  I buried my toes in the sand, and spent the evening chatting away. 


  1. Beautiful, i love your dress :)


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