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Friday, January 19, 2018

A non-invasive beauty treatment that exfoliates, extracts, hydrates, and protects skin-giving you the most gorgeous after facial glow, the HydraFacial treatment is now my go to for a quick skin pick me up!  It’s a 30-40 minute facial treatment that leaves your pores thoroughly cleansed, skin absolutely glowing, and you- feeling refreshed. 

I’m a sucker for facial treatments, and will try every beauty treatment out there.  As I’ve hit my late 20’s, it takes more than a basic at home skincare regimen to get that youthful glow.  I’ve been on the search for a facial that complements my at home skincare schedule and had the pleasure of trying the HydraFacial treatment with Dr. Gina Danesh at Danesh Dermotology in her Beverly Hills office. 

The treatment is for everyone, and caters to all skin types addressing concerns like acne, congestion, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation, and sun damage. 
HydraFacial machine at Dr. Danesh office
various tips that accompany each step

Gina cleaned my skin with a wipe, then began the multi step treatment:

1.     Vortex Cleansing:
What it does>>  Gently exfoliates the skin-removing dead skin cells and sebum
Personal Experience>> Felt like a cool, wet, gentle microdermabrasion with long fast strokes

2.     Acid Peel: 
What it does>>  Salicylic and Glycolic acid mixture (GlySal) loosen pore debries and dirt – essentially prevents formation of acne
Personal Experience>> Felt like light wet dabs with suction.  Painless, and rather comfortable

3.     Vortex Extraction
What it does>>  suction extracts blackheads and impurities from your pores
Personal Experience >>  Stronger suction is felt, but still painless.  Gina went over my chin and forehead a few times as I had more congestion there.

4.     Vortex Fusion
What it does>>  Detoxes, rejuvenates, and restores skin by infusing antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acids into the skin
Personal Experience>>  Personally my favorite step!  After the vortex extraction, my skin felt lighter and cleaner.  Gina went over my freshly cleansed skin with feather like strokes.  I could feel the cool antioxidants permeate my skin

Upon finishing, Gina showed me the bottle containing my impurities.  Floating in the tube was dead skin, debris, and congestion of sorts.  Disgusting knowing that much gunk was in my pores, but satisfying seeing it all extracted!

As an add on, Gina did an LED treatment with red and blue light.  Red to treat fine lines & blue for congestion and acne. 

The treatment was complete in less than an hour, and my skin felt amazing!  I could feel it breathing as I stepped out of the clinic.  My pores and blackheads were visibly diminished, skin left tighter, and overall, everything felt smooth, supple, and moist.  I attended an event later that night, and had even more of a glow the next day as my makeup effortlessly glided on.

Thank you Dr. Gina Danesh for such a pleasant experience!  She's professional, highly knowledgable, and an overall amazing doctor.  You can book your facial at Danesh Dermatology by calling (310) 850-5441.  


  1. I could definitely use those procedures!

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    1. Hi Iryna! It did wonders for my skin :)

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