Suzhou, Jiangsu

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Two hours away from the glittering skyscrapers, extravagant venues, and neon lights of cosmopolitan Shanghai, I found myself in what many refer to as the Venice of the East.  A stark contrast from the glamour, excess, and grandeur of the city that never sleeps, lies thousands of years of heritage, history, and culture delicately preserved in a latticework of canals, cobblestone roads, and lantern lit streets. 

Secretly tucked away from modern day China’s inexhaustible chase for wealth, speed, and fame, Suzhou will mesmerize you with its waterscape, intricate gardens, and soothing energy.  It’s no wonder Chinese say, “上有天堂下有蘇杭

Tong Li, in particular enchanted us with its ethereal beauty as we glided through the canal listening to the ebb and flow of water meld with the clamors of everyday life.  Warmly cuddled next to mom, I sat by the riverside and reveled in the quiet beauty before us.  The sunset gently kissed the river and blanketed our view with warm dreamy hues. 

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