Classic with a Twist

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Photographed by:  Shanon Chau
I’m usually not one for eye popping neon colors, but fell in love with this hot pink silk tunic dress.  The striking neon hue brought a “wow factor” to the otherwise classically cut silhouette. 
I found this dress hanging in my sister’s closet when she moved into her new apartment.  While she unpacked her many boxes, I slipped into her dress and played around with accessories …  The dress was more versatile than I originally anticipated.  When paired with a loud blue statement piece, it’s the perfect outfit for cocktails with your girlfriends.  Trade in your statement piece for a long strand of pearls, and you’re set for dinner and wine.

With temperatures spiking to nearly 90 degrees, the sidewalks of Santa Monica was overflowing with gorgeous skirts, dresses, and colorful ensembles.  I too borrowed my sister’s dress and had my mini fifteen minutes of fame shooting in the heart of downtown—where colors were toned down a bit. 

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