Casual Ensemble

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Photographed by:  Chris Nguyen
My wardrobe is heavy on skirts, dresses, and colorful blouses, but from time to time, I resort to t-shirt and jeans for more casual days. 
Two weekends ago, I braved the sunshine and headed to Redondo Beach with an old friend.  We strolled along the pier as he snapped candids from our mini excursion away from the city with his vintage camera.    

My outfit for our seaside venture combined several of my favorite things:  silky soft fabrics, loose fitting silhouettes, and a light crisp scarf—the perfect accessory to spruce up a simple ensemble without too much fuss.

It’s impossible to look like a Barbie doll whenever you go out, but you never want to look like you rolled out of bed on your off days.  Everyone should have a few basic go to pieces for those casual days… 

1.     To avoid looking too bland and plain, I incorporate stand out pieces into my basic outfit.  Juxtaposing a luxurious it bags never ceases to glam up your outfit...and when it comes to luxury~no one does it better than Chanel.
2.     To elevate your casual look, trade in cotton blouses for fabrics that are just as comfortable and simple, like silk and polyester. 
3.     You don’t always need to be in heels 24/7, a cute pair of flats with fun detailing works just as well. 

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